The T&C hotel is pleased to welcome musicians, performers & others providing entertainment. We may be a small venue, but we aim to live up to Slim Dusty's Duncan's song lyrics - the T&C really is a place 'where the atmosphere is great'. It stands to reason – if you are enjoying yourself as an entertainer - then so should the patrons. We are committed to treating you as a valued staff member.


Our policy is simple – we are open to all varieties of entertainment. (music, comedy etc) We are happy to provide a place for you to showcase your skills & talent, and if you can increase our patronage – we will happily reward you.

There are NO restrictions or requirements on the content of a performer's show. We encourage new acts, and are happy to have anyone perform 'sight or sound unseen'.

However we reserve the right to stop any performance at any time without notice, should an act be deemed inappropriate, indecent, offensive, or contravene any laws, including the Liquor Act.

There are no requirements for a minimum/maximum time or number of sets. For muso's we do not restrict the type of music played. It's YOUR show so you play YOUR music! Of course there are some days/times when some types of entertainment may be more appropriate than others. We at all times reserve the right to decide who will play and when.


The only thing we expect from you is RESPECT - that you respect our premises, equipment, staff and most importantly - the patrons.

First and foremost being an organiser or performer means that you are required to be responsible and in control - if you are intoxicated or affected by drugs, you are not in control. By law we cannot permit intoxicated/drug affected persons to stay on the premises - and that includes entertainers - if they haven't performed!

If you have to be out of it to perform - we wish you every success - but not at our venue!  Performing 'out of it' shows a complete and utter lack of respect for not only the people that come to see you - but us as well.

We DO NOT tolerate drug or alcohol affected entertainers!


We are licenced for 200 patrons on the ground floor, (160 in the bar/entertainment area).


Bookings can be made directly with the entertainment manager by emailing us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your details and requested booking dates/times and we will get back to you.  (We do not use booking agents, nor do we pay booking fees).

The T&C is available for booking any time during trading hours, subject to agreement with management. However, all entertainment must cease promptly AT LEAST 15 minutes before closing time on any day of the week. NO EXTENSIONS OR EXCEPTIONS.


The T&C does NOT normally hire entertainers for a set fee.

Bar Percentage

If as a result of your performance, our patronage is significantly greater than normal (from the start to the end of your performance), we will be happy to pay a percentage of bar sales for the duration of your performance. (ie if you increase patronage - you get rewarded) The standard percentage paid is 10%, but this may be varied by management at any time.

Cover Charge

The T&C does not encourage having an entertainment cover charge (door fee), as the entrance is also used for access to the gaming room, restaurant and bottle sales as well as the main bar.

However you are welcome to organise your own cover charge, provided that you allow unhindered access and do not charge a door fee to patrons that wish to use the gaming room, restaurant or those purchasing take-away sales.

The T&C does not take a 'cut' of any cover charges, unless the T&C is the organiser.

If required we can organise the collection of door fees, id tags etc. on your behalf for an agreed pre-paid fee.

Bar 'Rider'

The T&C is pleased to offer complimentary 'tap' soft drinks to all entertainers from one hour prior to your scheduled start time until the end of your performance.

At the discretion of management we MAY also offer complimentary tap beer or house wine/spirits to entertainers (who are above 18 years of age) in line with the codes of responsible service of alcohol. (We do not provide complimentary packaged beverages ie cans/bottles).

If provided - the bar 'rider' is a privilege NOT A RIGHT - as a thanks for entertainers (performers) whilst performing only. 'Entertainers' do NOT include or extend to friends, partners, roadies, helpers, groupies etc.

If the privilelge is abused it will immediately cease - that means if an entertainer is intoxicated - the rider ceases for EVERYBODY.


Single Backline Requirement

Where there are more than 2 bands performing on the one bill, it is required that only one backline is setup for the duration of the gig. This means only one drum kit and one set of guitar cabs to be set up for the entire gig. Drummers should bring their own snare and cymbals. Guitarists can bring their own heads.

Gig organisers are to ensure that all performers understand the restricted space requires the orderly storage and setup/packup of gear between bands.

A maximum of 2 drum kits (one setup on stage and one waiting to be setup) may be on the premises at any one time.

Bands are required to packup and remove their equipment immediately after finishing their performances unless otherwise agreed to by management.

Load In/Out

Load in times will normally be up to two hours prior to start time or as agreed with management.

Access for load in/out is by the front door on Unwins Bridge Road and/or the wheelchair accessible side gate on Campbell Street. Please ensure that at no time is access to the premises inhibited. Check with management on the day.

Please note that vehicles are not to be parked in the lane at the rear of the hotel or stopped in any way that blocks access to the lane AT ANY TIME.

Load out times will normally be on completion of the performance. However where completion is at closing time, load out may be completed on opening the following day, with approval of management. While we will take all care with any equipment left in the hotel, we will take NO responsibility for any damages or loss whilst on the premises.

Load out after 11.30 pm must be completed as quickly and quietly as possible. - our neighbours respect our right to have entertainment until closing - so we expect you to respect their right to quiet.

There are 'NO PARKING' zones 10 metres from the front door on Unwins Bridge Road and at the gate in Campbell Street. Please ensure that if you use these zones that you do not leave your vehicle parked there for an extended period. (As per RTA rules, vehicles may be stopped in a 'NO PARKING' zone for no longer than 2 minutes to drop off goods or passengers)


We have a stage area but NO raised stage or drum riser. You are welcome to bring a portable riser if required. We have backdrop blacks but no screening curtains.

Stage Power

240v only (NO 3 phase 415v)

Stage Lighting

Not available. You are welcome to provide your own, provided all equipment meets required safety standards and that all equipment is set up with regard to OH&S. Directional house lights are available above the stage area.


A house PA is available, provided any damages incurred during your use are paid for. We do not charge a hire fee for the house PA but we will require a security deposit (currently $250) to be paid before using the system, which will be refunded (less any damage charges) after the equipment is inspected following your performance.

You are also welcome to use your own pa system, provided all equipment meets required safety standards and all equipment is set up with regard to OH&S.

Whether you use your own system or the house system, no part of a drum kit is to be miked, nor are stage amplifiers to be miked. Our policy is that a PA is only used for vocals and instruments that do not have stage amplification (eg keyboards, acoustic guitars). As the venue is not large enough, there should be no need to mike brass instruments.

The house PA system includes the following:

  •     Mixer: Mixing desk with 6 mic & 4 line in channels (Xenyx 1832FX)
  •     Effects: Basic effects available on desk
  •     Equaliser: 31 band graphic with feedback detection
  •     FOH: 2 speakers
  •     Monitors: 2 floor speakers
  •     Mic Stands: 2 boom stands; 1 standard mic stand.
  •     Mic's: 3 available (Behringer)
  •     Leads: We have a limited number of leads available
  •     DI's: up to 4 inputs

It is recommended that you bring your own mikes, (especially for hygene resaons) and any leads required.


We also have a Yamaha CP80 Piano available for use if required.

Stage Equipment Hire

Stage equipment is available for hire (& sale) across the road at

 Zen Studios Studios, Store 8, 1-7 Unwins Bridge Road. Phn: 02 9550 3977

Sound Engineer

You are welcome to use your own sound engineer or we can supply a sound engineer for an hourly rate, or a fixed set up fee. (currently $25 per hour or $40 for set up and sound check only)

Dressing Room

There is NO dressing room available. If you have a need for a dressing room let us know and we will endeavour to organise something.

Storage & Equipment placement

On premises packing cases etc. are to be stored at the direction of management on the day. No gear is to be placed or stored in any manner that blocks any pathway, door or hotel equipment. All equipment must be moved and placed with regard to OH&S at all times.

Off premises overnight storage is is available across the road at

Zen Studios Studios, Store 8, 1-7 Unwins Bridge Road. Phn: 02 9550 3977


You are welcome to sell merchandise at your event, as long as it does not interfere with the operation of the hotel. Please let management know at the time of booking. An area can be set up for that purpose at the direction of management on the day.


The T&C may place the band name, date, time and charge for your 'gig' in the relevant free 'Gig guides' of 'Drum Media' or any other such entertainment magazine as we select from time to time, provided that we have enough notice to meet the advertised deadlines.

We will also place notices around the hotel, advertising your event and you are welcome to provide your own posters or other forms of advertising to do the same. Please note only 'blue-tac' is to be used on walls. Sticky tape may only be used on windows.

The T&C may advertise entertainment entirely at its discretion. Should you not want your event advertised, then you must stipulate your request when booking with us.

You are of course free to advertise your event at your own expense.


We may at our discretion, charge a pre-paid security fee depending on the type and time of entertainment being provided.

Where an event finishes after 11.30 pm at night, entertainers will be required to provide a person to assist with the orderly and quiet dispersement of patrons outside the premises.

Note: The information contained in this document is correct as at time of printing but is subject to change without notice.

If you have any further technical questions please contact the entertainment manager on (02) 9519 1965 or email us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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